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Sheila and Charles (

Charles "Mick" and Sheila Michie

We foster relationships

  • that are wholesome, that promote an individual´┐Żs belonging, true identity, dignity, and respect

  • based in truth and honesty, mutual support, giving and receiving, harmony, balance, interdependence, clear communication, cooperation, unity, faith, hope, love

  • that are enduring and dynamic, that release joy, freedom and healing,

  • that nourish, edify and raise up, that reveal our gifts and how those gifts can be of service for the larger community,

  • that empower and move us toward increased responsibility and competent leadership.

To achieve this aim, we provide experiential, interactive challenges and programs for

  • leadership development, personal growth, and spiritual enrichment, competence

  • group trust, communication, community-building, and practice in leadership roles

Learn, change, grow, and become empowered through dynamic experience, focused reflection, and recording of discoveries.

Charles Michie
Sheila Grant Michie



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