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Win-win negotiationIs there really a need to strengthen communication?  With the power of the internet, social networking, emailing, mobile phone technology, and text messaging, we have virtually any connection we want clearly at our disposal.

Yet, while technology makes it convenient and instantaneous, do those communications truly deepen our understanding, enrich relationships, increase authenticity, and bring us closer together? Has the quality of our conversation improved? Do we really know one another better?

Our essential needs remain unchanged – needs for safe, honest relationships that communicate truth, care, understanding, and faith.  In a world that often shows prejudice, aggression, and mistrust, if we ever think the end’s in sight, we need only to turn on the television news.

No.  Technological advancements may help, but they’re no substitutes for meaningful, face-to-face relationships. Gadgets can't offer improved communication skill.  We are still required to think before we speak, and listen before we respond if we want high fidelity relationships and strong connections that count.

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