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Organizational Development

FOCUS: Planning, Strengthened Relationships, Communication, Productivity, Unity

(No charge)
Assess needs, interests, and issues for the best plan and program. Learn more.

Strategic Planning
10 - 12 hour retreat
Map a practical vision and a 3-5 year plan of action that maximizes participative input, collective wisdom, group ownership, and commitment to the plan. Move forward with a formal, documented plan and timeline including half-year and year-end reviews. Discover more.

Mission Statement Development
2 - 3 hour process
Focus on your company's core purpose and define your organization's mission into a succinct, memorable statement.

SWOT Analysis (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats)
2 - 4 hour process
Identify and analyze your organization's perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to reduce costs and maximize future benefits.

Trends Analysis/Environmental Scan
2 - 3 hour process
View historical and current social, political, and economic trends and analyze impacts on the environment and your organization - very useful before a strategic planning session.

Corporate Culture Analysis & Alignment with Practice
2-3 hour process
Through this process, examine objectively your organization's culture, its core ideology in terms of purpose and values, and how it lines up with your management policies and employee practices. To what extent do they match, conflict or seem ambiguous?  How is this culture communicated internally and externally? 

Problem-Solving Facilitation
Either facilitating the process or teaching the skill sets of identifying and clarifying the issues, needs, and interests between conflicting parties, arising from a given situation and arriving at a mutually agreeable solution and commitment.

Professional Leadership and Team-Building
1/2 day shot-in-the-arm, full day, or weekend retreat
Generate unity, renewed energy and creativity within your workforce. Through shared wisdom and expertise, members experience sharpened focus, communication, understanding and personal enrichment. Customized formats and optimum venues are identified. Facilitation includes interactive games, presentations, energizers, simulations, reflections, journaling, communication exercises, challenging initiatives/ ropes elements, and leadership practice and feedback. Learn more about our professional leadership and team-building.

Presentations and Training
1/2 hour - 1 day
Various Topics including Communication Skills, Confrontation and Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Managing Aggressive Behavior, Workplace Diversity, Ethics, Service. Find out more.

Consultation and Follow-Up

Essential to an organizational change or training event is follow up. Here Empowerment Enterprise provides ongoing support and encouragement to integrate new ideas, agreements and commitments and ensure transfer of lessons learned to the workplace. Also, issues that may surface during a process or exercise may signal need for mediation in certain work relationships and roles. Staff problems may be encountered in following through and outside One-on-One Consulting can be very helpful.

Empowerment Enterprise Clients and Programs
We present a variety of empowering programs for private (for-profit) organizations and public and non-profit groups, facilitating processes for government agencies, universities, boards and councils, churches, trade/professional associations, business leaders and managers and line staff. Programs we offer include:

Asset Building for Communities/States
1 - 2 day workshop
Training on Search Institute's 40 Assets -- required for helping parents, schools and communities raise young people into capable, competent, healthy and mature citizens

Church and Religious Organizations
Pastors, church administrators and staff, clergy and lay leadership, ministry departments, service and mission teams, seminarians and religious orders

Personal Enrichment & Community Building
Learning, change, growth, and empowerment through dynamic experience, focused reflection, and recording of discoveries

TRIUMPH Challenge-based Leadership Retreats
1 day - 2 day
Challenging adventures programmed and coordinated for building increased competence, trust, communication, and community building

Adventure Options:

  • Mountaineering, rock-climbing, and rappelling

  • River canoeing

  • Day hiking, distance backpacking and overnight camping

  • Solo, solitude and journaling

  • Team initiatives and ropes course elements

Groups Include:

  • Executive Leadership Teams

  • Sport and Athletic teams

  • University Students

  • Associations, Organizational memberships, Clubs

  • Families, Married Couples, Adults: Young and Old; Small and Large Groups

Unique Programs for Couples and Women:

PREP Marriage Enrichment Seminars - Based on the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP and Christian/PREP) accenting sacramental union and Theology of the Body.

Women of Peace - Based on teachings found in Pope John Paul II's Genius of Women, these retreats/presentations are for both young and mature women

Meet a few of the groups and clients who have empowered the
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