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“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology.

It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

The opening lines of Patrick Lencioni’s insightful book, ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,’ are just as important today as they were when the book launched in 2002.



Dynamics that separate great teams from everyone else:

Team dynamics are the unseen, but not unfelt forces that impact performance. It's the way team members engage with each other that undermines team dynamics and blocks great team performance.

Great teams are remarkably open-minded, ready for change, candid, down-to-earth, know how to let ideas clash rather than people, and care that the right ideas win, regardless of whose idea it is. Credit: David Marcum and Steve Smith

High Performance Teams possess:

  1. Top Talent, Right Fit -- Team members have the ability to maximize talent.

  2. Ambition -- Team sets bold objectives --- great, gigantic goals to push toward.

  3. A Dynamic Organizational Culture exists that accelerates progress --- every worker possesses a "We then Me" attitude. Organizations and teams think company first, team second, and me third. Great performance gets delivered even in difficult circumstances or tough market conditions.

Team-Building Critical Skills

  • Listening -- often referred to as "active listening." There's much talking today among people often reaching the point of cacophony. So many, desperate to be heard, raising their voice for their particular cause; but often seemingly unable to listen.

  • Trust -- the basic glue creating cohesion

  • Constructive disagreement and vigorous, passionate debate

  • Commitment to the mission and agreed-upon goals and objectives

  • Accountability

  • Attention to outcomes


EE can facilitate your group team-building process in a getaway retreat environment or in a common office area. Engaging presentations are combined with experiential activities to establish Team Trust and Safety (e.g. identifying personal gifts). Cooperation and problem-solving may be tested and strengthened through simulation games and interactive initiatives. As your group works together and supports each other, the team dynamics: clearer communication, commitment and issue resolution become the focus and the team’s interpersonal skills are enhanced. The collective strengths of the group are mobilized increasing cohesion and the team’s capacities for problem-solving. Insights and perspectives are recorded. Team stamina gets rooted. The team is ready to be challenged with next-step decision-making and/or organizational planning.

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