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Why Organizational Development?

Whatever the mission, your business or organization comprises people with distinctive qualities:

diverse backgrounds, personalities, motivations, talents, and aspirations

These qualities, when complemented, aligned and directed, enable you and your company/organization to succeed.

Individuals must be brought into some alignment and agreement for the organization to succeed. Mere "employees" work to complete individual tasks. But members of a body embracing a common purpose, a clear vision and who share responsibility for achieving the vision can be transformed into leaders - leaders who excel in work and in life.

For success, we must cooperate and work ethically with core values and purpose. This happens when we....

  • model best practices, yet engage in steady, continuous learning

  • understand our role and its relationship to others

  • are meaningfully empowered and drawn into appropriate decision-making

  • are acknowledged for contributions to problem-solving and greater teamwork

  • are challenged to create the most profitable and just organization, a stronger community, an empowered culture

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