Retreat/Training Programs

Empowerment Enterprise offers professional interactive training programs and staff retreats to inspire confidence, excellence, and develop skills as leaders -- all customized to meet your company's needs and budget.

Christian ministry formation

The source of all power, all life in humanity and nature is an almighty, all loving God.  No breath in this world is taken without His consent. We are mere instruments, servants desiring to do His will. 

Whoever speaks should proclaim God's message; whoever ministers should serve by the power that God gives, so that in all of you God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. 

1 Peter 4:11,8


Whether engaged, married, or separated and emotionally longing for reunion, our book Couples Praying Together offers a variety of ways for couples to pray -- all designed to open up and align hearts and minds with the force of faith and practice praying together.

Building Bridges between People and Potential

How well do you live?

Is it lived fully, with purpose and peace? Does life bring joy?

While a war seems to be raging in the heart of this land, stripping folks of Truth, authentic peace, and love, we witness daily hope, joy and refreshing creativity.

How is this contradiction resolved? Accept your mission!

Through God’s providence and eternal vision all of us have purpose, and life has meaning. The source of all life, all power in nature and in humanity is an invisible, almighty, all loving God. No breath, no motion is taken without his free, merciful consent. Anyone depending on God can therefore be made whole, healed, restored. Life can be full when we recognize we are unique and extraordinary instruments on a divine venture.

Acknowledge this and one feels compelled to pursue some enterprise, one of cultivating and passing on some wisdom, virtue, and experience to others.

Our mission is to serve men and women, helping them trust, and through faith, become all they can be…understanding one’s life is not their own, but God’s, so not to fear. Our focus is to mentor individuals with confident vision, support couples through the beauty of marriage, and inspire families toward unity and spiritual renewal.

About Empowerment Enterprise

Mick and Sheila


Sheila Grant Michie

• 20 years teaching experience in regular and special education

• Former Principal with Tulsa Public Schools providing instructional leadership, administration and staff supervision

• Established and directed Kendall-Whittier Youth Mentoring Program

• Leader for Great Expectations Exploratory Camp and instituted various innovative character-building instructional programs

• Founder of Women of Peace ministry

• Bachelors Education; Masters Curriculum and Instruction

Charles "Mick" Michie

• 20 years organizational development and experiential education.

• Eleven years coordination and management of training programs with the University of Oklahoma

• Ten years director of youth ministry developing professional leadership, and camp, retreat and conference programs.

• Trained in group and organizational dynamics using Technology of Participation through Institute of Cultural Affairs; Mountaineering through Colorado Outward Bound School and Ropes facilitation through Learning Unlimited

• Bachelors Sociology; Masters Public Administration


This reveals more of the reasons for the hope that lies within us.



Do not be conformed to this world, but be
transformed by the renewal of your mind,
that you may prove what is the will of God
in Christ Jesus. 
Romans 12:2

Sometimes we may feel like a “mess”. We think, “where's the joy?” and we’re quick to suppose that the Lord is not with us. Even when we mess up, when we don't do as we intend to do (Rm 7:15), enormous grace pours over us as we make a return to our first love--the Father who created us out of love.  That's what He desires--for us to keep making a return whenever we veer off course, and He will return to us as He promised.

(Zech 1:3)