Ways to Pray and Grow in Oneness

Couples Praying Together

Do you want to learn to pray more with your beloved?

There’s an untapped force when two faithful and committed people come together and pray to God in the name of His Son, Jesus, for the same intention.

Whether dating, engaged, married, physically separated, or emotionally longing for reunion, this 4-week series offers a variety of ways of praying — all designed to open up the hearts and minds of couples and help align the force of faith as they experience the practice of praying daily, faithfully, freely and joyfully — together.

The Salvation of the just comes from the Lord, their stronghold in time of distress. The Lord helps them and delivers them and saves them: for their refuge is in him. (Psalm 37: 39)

A piece of history

Strengthening Police & Youth Interactions

Mick’s first book provides law enforcement officers with the skills to listen, understand and form vital relationships with at risk youth so to break barriers and help them stay out of the juvenile justice system. 


Trust in the Lord

Place your trust in One who saves 

Really, Really Real

Are you a REAL person or a fake?

Relight the Lamp

At some point in any marriage, things may feel like a drag from your and your beloved’s point of view.  Hang in.  There’s always MORE!

Ode to a gang member

Gang members need belonging and love too….like all of us.  It begins with the need to repent.

A Wee Bit o blarney

Written by Sheila and set to music by Mick this tune flowed on the last day of our pilgrimage to Ireland’s holiest sites

Soon Love will reign

Things are changing.